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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If a CTA member passes away while still an active member, what steps should a family take?

The death of a CTA family member is tragic, and details in making arrangements after can be overwhelming.  All CTA members are provided with certain benefits, including death benefits, as a condition of membership. 

Please click here for a detailed guide from CTA Member Benefits department on timelines and details that may assist families after the loss of a CTA member.

Q. What are my union dues for this year (2013-14)?

Dues for LEA-CTA-NEA full-time active members are $99.80 per month tenthly (deducted September to June).

Q. How do I get trip discounts to Disneyland?

Contact TSA on the web at, or call 800-537-8491.  Or visit the CTA member benefits site here.

Q. How do I prepare for retirement?

Contact CalSTRS on the web at Make an appointment to see an STRS counselor at the San Joaquin County office by calling 468-4864.

Q. How do I get information about my teaching credential?

Contact Personnel at 331-7091 first. You may also get credential information at SJ County office of Education at 468-4899. Additional information is available online at

Q. I have been laid off.  How much should I be paid as a substitute?

California Education Code provides that permanent teachers laid off and returning as substitutes are entitled to their per diem rate from the previous year when they work their 21st or more day as a substitute in any 60 school day period.