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Welcome to the Lodi Education Association

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The Standard is our CTA-endorsed vendor for disability and life insurance.

Our CTA-endorsed partner for life and disability insurance, new employees can sign up with a waiver of all pre-existing conditions in the first 120 days of
employment!  Visit and click on member benefits, or visit

LUSD-LEA reach Tentative Agreement

You can view the text of the Tentative Agreement here.

California Casualty Athletic Grant

Apply for the California Casualty grant for athletics!  Click here!

LEA Officer, State Council, and Executive Board Election

2015 LEA Officer Election Results

Want LEA to take action on something?

LEA has created New Business Item (NBI) forms for members to submit to have an item placed on an agenda for discussion or action.  Please click here for the NBI form.

Political Action

  • LEA has formed a political action committee for the purposes of supporting educational issues and education-friendly candidates in local elections.  The monies generated for the PAC come from existing local dues in the amount of $6 per member per year.

    Members have the option to not have their dues used for political purposes.  If a member elects to not have a portion of their local dues used for political purposes, they affirmatively notify the association by filling out this card and returning the card to the LEA offices at PO Box 8465, Stockton, CA 95208, or in person at 7330 West Lane, Stockton.  Choosing to not have dues used for politics does not generate a dues rebate.  The local dues monies simply remain in the LEA general fund.



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Members of the 2014 Executive Board pose in front of our new office location.

Pictured (left to right): Melisa Shepherd, Michelle Orgon, Leanita Taylor, Jeff Johnston, Lindsey Ortegel, and Maria Mack.